July 2, 2012

a new game project

while working on "BGE Candy" I realized I need a game I can apply the new features on. The idea of the game has been brewing for a while in my head now and I feel it is mature enough to start developing it further. I have not been sketching for few years already, so my hand needs some training..
Here are three first drawings, you can guess the genre from these already :)

(took me few hours each)

I will try to keep the visual style of the game as clean as possible using mostly gradients, nuanced lighting, atmospheric effects, vertical shapes and simple geometry.
The art of Syd Mead, Sparth (Nicolas Bouvier),  Rainart (Sebastien Larroude), Vyle (David Levy), John Wallin Liberto and other awesome concept artists will keep me inspired :)

I have already done BGE version of Simon Wallner's sky implementation originally from 2002 GDC Presentation by Naty Hoffman and Arcot J. Preetham. HERE is the link to implementation details and even a demo. It will take care of lighting and atmospheric effects:

..maybe I can finally finish a game I have started
I will screen cast the whole developing process from now on.


  1. Please do it! I'll watch that you don't abandon this game! ;-)


    1. awesome! Great to have an audience and support. first video is already transcoding and will be ready for YouTube.
      Screen casting works and seems like it does not interfere with work that much.

  2. seconded. If you need cheerleaders and pompoms to keep you going... i aint pretty, but i'll be here ;)

  3. Please do me a favor mate. Never stop working with and on the BGE. Your contribution is very much appreciated.

    It's time to show the world what Blender's game engine is capable of.

    Greets from Japan!

  4. This is atmospheric... I love the artworks. Looking forward to it!

  5. Maartinj, this is great! Stumbled across your stuff again after a long time, great to see you're still at it :)

    Can't seem to get this example to work, though... Using Blender 2.65.
    Scene comes in way overbright and I have to up the contrast and lower the lumamount to 0.001. No scattering happens, which I suppose is why the brightness is all off...

    Any ideas? Graphics card issue? Got a Nvidia Quadro 4000 here, I'll try in on my GTX 480 tomorrow.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. hey, paldies Tom.
      This one should work fine: