September 13, 2013

water/underwater & sky shader update #02

I published this quite a while ago, but found some time to post it here just now.

This is an update video to one of my oldest projects in the making.
nothing much has changed since the last video, I just have a better computer now and I recorded it in a higher quality and framerate.

The water shader is based on my own observations.
it features:
- reflection with accurate fresnel refectance model
- refraction with chromatic aberration
- projected caustics on geometry from the water surface based on normals
- seamless transition to underwater (no fake fog added)
- accurate water volume with light scattering
- view and light ray color extinction based on water color and sunlight
- simple coastline detection based on terrain`s height-map

does not yet feature:
- displaced water geometry
- underwater particles
- underwater light rays from caustics
- shoreline behaviors

Sky model is based on Preetham, but implementation is from Simon Wallner, with a significant (artistic) changes done by myself.

I have also included an overly exaggerated experimental glitter shader and a completely procedural "water droplets on lens" shader.

YES the underwater distortion is completely unrealistic and will be removed once I add underwater particles that will wobble similarly.

download blend:

sound files from