January 6, 2015

//status update 05 & a sneak peek in 2015!

My previous post was a bit more than a year ago... well the good thing is that since then I have a collected pile of projects and other stuff to share.
None of them are finished though, maybe that`s why I felt they are not shareworthy..

Anyway, I have moved from France back to Latvia and settled down for a while. I am still working full time with Blender & also Blender Game Engine on supersecret projects of which I can`t show anything yet. So I can only share with you things I am working on my spare time.

So, here is a list of projects I am planning to work on and hopefully finish this year. For each of these projects I will write a separate article explaining the details:

RGP (racing game project):

almost all of the effects, shaders and new stuff is related to RGP. I am now building up sort of a base to build the game on. The lighting and shading system is almost done, what yet needs to be finished is the physics, handling and collision system. After that I can finally focus on the content, story and gameplay.

PBR (physically based rendering):

RGP will be rendered using new lighting system. I am now in research and prototyping stage. Basics are functional and it looks really nice already.
- new sky model
- image based lighting (IBL) using environment map
- real time environment map based on sky model or surrounding scene.
- some advanced BRDF functions

Terrain system to render vast landscapes (also needed for RGP).

- uses adaptive LoD
- infinite procedurally generated landscapes

Continue the work on my water shader. I am still planning to implement it in Unity. 

- combined with the new terrain system
- combined with physically based rendering system

Advanced buoyancy system for water shader.

- calculate buoyancy forces for each object submerged in water

Tron lightcycle game, yep still in progress.. I am doing a full re-write of the scripts.

- port all of the code from old Blender versions to Blender 2.7