April 21, 2019


I am moving to medium.

I imported an older post and wrote a new one. It feels much easier to maintain and write stories there.

April 16, 2019

//and another year later

Not much has changed - still too lazy to post any update weekly, nor monthly.

Now when Blender Game Engine is officialy removed from Blender 2.8x and up, I amrevisiting my old BGE projects and concepts, polishing and adding comments and archiving them in a proper way. UPBGE is still actively developed and I occasionally use it for an art project or a prototype.

part 1 - volume rendering GLSL shader

part 2 - spherical penumbra shadows

part 3 - vertex shader shadows

next parts have lined up. here are some teasers:


//I`m Moving to Medium, as an experiment.
I will be transferring some of my old posts there too, but my blogspot stays as a backup, if i hate it and want to come back here.