November 5, 2017

2 years later

Hi, all.

So first of all - images in all of forums i`ve posted are gone - 404
I hosted all of the resources and images mostly on Dropbox, now that Dropbox has changed how their stuf works, the links are broken, so now my duty is to fix it all. Which also means I need to go back in time and re-visit most of the resources I have shared and see if they still work.

Secondly, I have promised myself to start maintaining my blog more often. And share my thoughts on stuff in weekly basis. Will see how it goes. All of my old projects are still alive and I am going to continue them. There`s a new project I`ve been working on many years and I recently published it. So next blog post is about it.


  1. Welcome back :)
    I'm still hoping to see where the RGP goes, so this is good news!

  2. I’m checking out this blog now an then and voila a new post! Waiting for new awesome stuff!

  3. Welcome back, Martins! My hard drive with copies of your files died around the same time your dropbox links stopped working. Glad to know you're planning on revisiting your resources :)

    1. thanks, well, most of them were not working in newer Blender versions anyway.

  4. Welcome back !

    You've been a long time inspiration, and I've been trying to adapt some of your work when I was able to find a link that was still alive. So the fact that you intend to fix some dead links sounds awesome :)

    I hope your current works are going through !